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What is Prasad?

Traditionally it means literally a gracious gift, usually edible, given by a Saint, Perfect Master or the Avatar to their followers. Anything, usually edible, that is first offered to a deity, saint, Perfect Master or the Avatar and then distributed in His name. The prasad carroes the blessing within it. In contemporary Hindu religious practice in India, the desire for prasada and to have darshan are the two major motivations of pilgrimage and temple visits.

Photo image of Prasad in box.

Price: $20

If you have allergy considerations, please contact us.


Prasad is blessed being food, imbued with special energies. It has a blessing residing within it.

Prasad contains a substance, a higher, finer substance. This may be sensed when consuming what otherwise appears as just ordinary food.

When receiving prasad, one is given something non-ordinary and, as such, it is best consumed in a non-ordinary space. This space can one composed of your intention and attitude. But, it is best to use prasad in conjunction with a functional altar space.

It's amazing to have this special being food available without the need for pilgrimage -- available direct to you through the mail to your home.

This particular prasad is made of the finest chocolate. But really, it is not about the chocolate. Yes, you do have the health benefit of dark chocolate, and as we know, everyone loves chocolate. And these are oh so delicious.

However it is the higher being energy contained in the prasad that makes it truly special.

Create a ritual, once a day, once a week, or once a month around the taking of this special food and allow yourself to be nourished in this special way.

As one taste will tell you, this is not ordinary. It is beyond the ordinary -- if you are willing to go there.

This chocolate is meant to be eaten using a special attention, because it nourishes you in ways other foods are not able to -- it has a bit of the sacred in each piece.